What You Need To Know About The Next Big Domain Rush

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DomainsAbout a year ago, starting in late 2012 and early 2013, for the first time, companies were able to apply for Top-Level Domains (TLDs).  We say Google purchase .google, .docs and .youtube, among many more.  The only downside was the cost of these domains.  The price tag was just a little expensive.  How does a mere $185,000 per domain sound?

Now, it seems there’s going to be a second phase.  In this next phase, it’s actually going to include everybody who owns a website.  Many of these new TLDs will be sold to the public.  But what does this process mean for site owners?  Dr. Peter J. Meyers spoke with Steve Banfield, who serves as SVP Registrar Services at Demand Media, to get more of the details.

What details might Steve speak of?  To find out, check out the link below:

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