There a number of people out there who had to teach themselves how to do SEO.  Gregg Schwartz was one of these folks.  It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, and it took a while to get where he is now.

Over the years, he’s learned a few tricks and shortcuts over the years.  In this case, he’s talking about ethical, effective, SEO strategies and tactics – not the sleazy and self-defeating kind that gets your site banned by Google.

Unfortunately, he gained this knowledge from hard-earned experience – by having a few run-ins with unqualified, unreliable SEO vendors.

There seems to be far too many bad SEO firms out there who make unrealistic promises, use weird and shoddy methods, and cause more harm than good.

This was the case even the case a few years ago where there were too many fly-by-night companies who claim to deliver results that end up being unsustainable as Google tweaked its algorithm.

There is some good news out there.  Good SEO matters and it makes a difference in your business results.

It’s possible to do SEO the right way to drive better search results and get more traffic to your site.  This means not doing unethical tricks to game the system, as well as not making your site sound like a robot wrote it.

Gregg has learned quite a few lessons that will be valuable in helping your company do SEO the right way – or helping your SEO advisory firm to sell your services more effectively by building trust with your prospective clients. 

Gregg has written up a post on Search Engine Journal where he talks about five things he wishes he would have known before I hired my first SEO vendor.

[Read the full post here on Search Engine]

Source – Gregg Schwartz