WhatApp Has Delayed Its Privacy Policy Update To Further Address User Concern

After posting an update to its updated ‘terms and privacy policy,’ Facebook has announced that the platform will delay the update since a significant amount of concern was raised by users regarding how it would handle their personal data and information.

A while back, WhatsApp out an in-app alert to users stating that the update was coming, and was mandatory for users who were still willing to accept in order to continue using the app.

WhatsApp update

A majority of the concerns were with the line stating ‘How we partner with Facebook to offer integrations across the Facebook Company products.’ Users took this as WhatsApp sharing everything with Facebook, and naturally, this didn’t sit well with many.

Facebook stats that the change in policy and data-sharing will only relate to messaging with businesses on WhatsApp, and not your personal conversations. According to Facebook, all private conversations will remain private and encrypted.

But even then, more and more users chose to move away from WhatsApp and move over to other platforms like Signal, Viber and Telegram.

Despite the fact that WhatsApp is doing their best to quell the issue with users, many have remained unconvinced. It seems pretty obvious that the backlash of this update with WhatsApp users has been huge, and although it hasn’t published any data on the matter, we can assume that the app has seen a decline of users.

Source – Social Media Today

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