google-adwords-square-logoSo, you are either new to AdWords, or your an experienced user and you want more information on making what you have even better? Well, we got a nice little topic for you!

Is there possibly a way to structure an AdWords account in the perfect way, or does it not even matter?  Let’s explore that thought a bit.

Just like a snowflake, when it comes to a PPC account structure, almost everybody creates one a little different from everybody else.  We all have our own approach to it.  Is there any possible way that there could be, just like the one ring in Lord of the Rings, a one “true” unified account structure that anybody and everybody can adhere to?

Well, taking that idea at face value, no, you can’t really ever find that perfect unified structure that fits everybody.  It’s what is perfect for YOUR account.

But don’t click away quite yet,dear reader!  I may have told you that there really isn’t any true unified structure to a PPC account, but there is more to this tale.  In a post by Sam Owen, you’ll find this answer, and much more in his Search Engine Post writings!  Just follow the link below and read more!

Search Engine Land: What’s A Good PPC Account Structure, Anyway?