White-Hat Link Building in the Gambling Industry – A Case Study

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White-hat-seoWhen Google grabbed its baseball bat in 2012, things began to change.  With clean and effective swings of Google’s bat, they effectively destroyed directories and article submission sites.  They also came down on poor link building tactics as well.  Because of all these changes by Google, many sites, nay, many industries have had to change how they work things when it comes to getting displayed on Google’s search engine.

The gambling industry was one of those industries that got smacked down by the infamous Google baseball bat.  It seemed that the gambling industry had gotten away with too much prior to the bat, for they loved making use of article directories and utilizing some frowned upon link building tactics, such as keyword heavy guest posts.

To many sites and industry, building back your ranking can be done.  But, doing white-hat link building for gambling marketers has been deemed a little more difficult.  This is due to the shortage of linkable assets.  Reputable websites are usually hesitant to link to gambling related content because of the gambling industry’s stigma.

Even with all these issues that the gambling industry is facing, there are ways around them.  There are white-hat link building ways that you can get gambling sites back up after getting hit by Google.  Sam Miranda wrote an article for Moz about this situation.  In his post, Sam has outlined four strategies that he’s learned from his time and experience with content marketing.

To read the full article by Dam, follow the link below and read up on what you can do if you are working on a gambling site and trying to get some link building done:

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