yahoo-logo-purple-800There is board meeting at Yahoo that is meant to discuss the fate of the company’s remaining Alibaba stake, as well as if the company itself should be sold.  The first round of media reports took a look at the potential sale of Yahoo.  The second round goes to this question – who could buy the company?

There was speculations by the Wall Street Journal on that question, and it seems that isn’t a shortage of potential buyers.

This is a list of companies that was cited in the article, and some of these companies are very speculative:

  • Verizon
  • IAC/InterActive Corp.
  • News Corp
  • Private-equity firm TPG Capital
  • AT&T
  • Comcast
  • Walt Disney

Another option, other than a a full buyout of Yahoo, could be the sale of pieces of the company.  The board could also decide that the best interest of the company and their shareholders is to remain independent.

Before, there was an option of an AOL-Yahoo merger, but that didn’t work out when AOL was picked up by Verizon.  So it would be ironic if Verizon bought out Yahoo, as it would, in a way, would be working with AOL in the end.  But buying Yahoo would be redundant for Verizon, since they already own AOL.

If Comcast bought out Yahoo, the company would be able to extend their assets and distribution into the digital and mobile markets, which is something they currently aren’t able to do.  This could also apply to AT&T, as well.

Could Amazon pick up Yahoo?  If they did, Amazon would be able insert the company more directly and forcefully into digital marketing and media.

Who do you think will buy Yahoo?

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