Why Account Structure Matters For Every AdWords Account

Google adwords logo Many SEO veterans have probably seen, or at least heard about, bad account structures in AdWords.  What makes it worse is when an SEO first takes on a client’s account and budget, only to find out that the client has been putting a lot of money (which could be a good thing if the structure was done right) into an AdWords account that suffers from bad AdWords structure.

Because of bad structure, bad things could happen, even if it appears that, on the surface, things are going well.  Poor structure could destroy the work that you put into keyword level tracking URLs, device specific bidding, and granular site extensions.

 wrote a column for Search Engine Land entitled ‘Why Account Structure Matters For Every AdWords Account.’  In the column, David describes a scenario that he found himself that matches this problem when dealing with a client’s AdWords account.  He goes on to talk about the solution to how you can fix this sort of problem if you are ever privy to this sort of account in your SEO lifetime.  I’m sure that won’t be too hard of a thing to run across.

To read David’s column, check out the link below: