Google_Logo_Color_WideAs a webmaster, have you ever gotten a warning letter from Google that is seemingly being given out to every SEO and webmaster that tells you that “Googlebot cannot access CSS and JS files on  It won’t be any surprise if you have, as this is a brand new alert form Google.  The reason behind these warning letters is to make sure all resources are unblocked, which includes both JavaScript and CSS.


So what’s up with these confusing letters?  Why does Google even care about unblocked JavaScript and CSS?  It’s a common feeling by many that there should be no reason for Google to see these files, especially when Google flagged these files.  Apparently, despite this fact, there are some reasons why Google needs to be able to see them.  Google has to be able to render the page complete, even the JavaScript and CSS files, to make sure that the page is mobile-friendly.  Google needs these files so they can apply the mobile-friendly tag to them both in the search results and the associated ranking boost for mobile search results.  With how big mobile-friendly sites have gotten as of late, I think we can all see how important this is.

So this does give us some insight into Google’s mind and tells us some general information as to why they need access to your site’s JavaScript and CSS files, but there’s still more to this story.  In order to find out the entire scoop, we’ll have to venture out way to the original article, written by Jennifer Slegg,  for’s blog.  Below is the link to the article for you all to read.  Maybe it’ll open up our eyes to allowing Google to see files we would ordinarily block.

Moz Blog: Why All SEOs Should Unblock JavaScript & CSS… And Why Google Cares