Why Aren’t Your Facebook Ads Converting? How Do You Improve Them?

Imagine this – you’ve created some super awesome Facebook ads that you just know are going to do great when they go live, but once they’ve been live for a while, they just aren’t doing nearly as well as you thought they would have.

It can be super frustrating when you put time and effort into creating ads for your business, just to see some mediocre or poorer results coming from them. In this case, don’t fret, because there are a lot of experienced digital marketers who run into the same issues when dealing with Facebook advertising.

So how do you fix them so you can actually see a significantly better conversion rate?

Kristopher Jones wrote a article for Search Engine Journal where he gives us five different reasons that your Facebook advertising campaign doesn’t generate enough conversions, as well as gives us some good fixes to significantly increase the conversion rates of your Facebook ads.

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