Why Do We Have A Leap Day? This Google Doodle Sheds Light on Leap Year’s Extra Day

Google logo Today, February 29, 2016, is Leap Day, and that means we will be getting a special a Doodle four years in the making  This Doodle celebrates a day that comes around every four years with an animated set of three bunnies in a row.

Leap Day, which is also explained on Google’s Doodle blog, is something that happens every four years (with the exception of any year that is divisible by 100) that helps our calendar remain synced with Earth’s rotation around the sun.  Without it, we would be out of sync by about six hours per year.  Think of what that could mean if we didn’t have a Leap Year to count on every four years.

This Leap Day Google doodle is displayed on desktop home pages all around the world, and will take anybody who clicks on it to a search for “why is there a leap day?

The doodle that is displayed for this year’s Leap Day was designed by Olivia Hyuhn.  Google even shared some of her other earlier 2016 Leap Day Doodle sketches, such as the following:

Google leap doodle sketch

Here’s another version of one of Olivia’s doodles:

Google leap doodle sketch2

Although the calendar and frog doodles were cool, Hyuhn chose to replace them both with the three bunnies of the one shown on the home page:

Google doodle leap year 2016

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