Why Good Unique Content Needs to Die – Whiteboard Friday

Rand fishkin Back in the day, we all know about the old days of content writing.  We had a lot more freedom to write any sort of content.  When I say that, I mean ANY kind of old content, even if it means spammy, crappy content meant only to get your site/page higher on the search results based on loading your writing with keywords.

But now we have to actually have to write with the readers in mind.  Google has some nerve to make us write content people actually want to read, right?  A lot of the time, we hear people talk about how it takes good and unique content to help us rank higher in competitive SERPs.  But, according to Rand Fishkin, that’s the “wrong bar.”  Rand will talk to us in this episode of Whiteboard Friday about where we should be aiming, and how we can get there.