Why Learnings From The ‘90s Banner Ad Still Apply Today

Technologically speaking, we are constantly evolving, ever changing, and we’re always moving forward at an ever quickening rate.  We have mobile devices, wearables, interactive TV and more.  We always hear about the future of technology and where we’re headed.  The tech we are using now will be old news within the next year, it seems.  But if yo even speak of a headline that uses the word “banner,” you probably think about the old days of the internet were we had banner ads and the like.  We also hear about the dying of older, more out-dated things.

Who even notices display advertising anymore?  Display advertising was how we made the banner ad more noticeable, more appealing to web-goers.  At this point, display advertising is a think of the past.  But don’t scoff at it though, as the technology behind it, the power behind display, has become the engine that powers the most interesting aspects of advertising today.

As we’ve progressed in display advertising, we now encompass any ad that can be targeted to an individual.  It all boils down to the data itself, and whether the individual can be targeted in this channel.  You don’t have to worry about inventing any “personas” that are based on assumptions or standalone behavioral data.

In a Marketing Land post, written up by , discusses the technology behind display advertising, and how it remains a key underpinning of what advertisers are seeking today.  The column talks about how fractured media will make for new ad types, how video is increasingly appealing to consumers, unified, customized ads, and how media departments are being consolidated.

Check out James’ post by following the link provided below.

Marketing Land: Why Learnings From The ‘90s Banner Ad Still Apply Today