Why Most Content Is “Meh” And How To Fix It

Content writing Content marketing, not only is it incredibly hyped in the industry of digital marketing, but it’s also the most misunderstood part of it.  Many believe that content marketing will a fix-all for a whole host of marketing, sales and branding issues, but in reality, the content marketing that  you do will probably mirror or amplify any organizational issues you may have.

In the end, any sort of content program you’re running won’t meet your goals, and ultimately lose momentum.  Most of the time, a business feels they have no choice but to do content marketing, and because of they feel obligated to do so, their programs will stumble along, and not do nearly as well as it could.  In this case, if your content marketing campaigns are suffering, you’ll find that this is just a symptom of a bigger problem in general marketing.  You lack the focus on the right audience.

These days, more and more businesses are implementing Account-Based Marketing across their entire campaign lifecycle, knowing that the importance of building an account-based philosophy into your content strategy.  In this way, these businesses are on their way to have a real strategy, and ultimately creating content that will actually preform.

So how do you actually create content that preforms?   explains all you need to know in her article, Why Most Content Is “Meh” And How To Fix It, which can be found on Search Engine Land.  Check it out now!

Search Engine Land: Why Most Content Is “Meh” And How To Fix It