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Guest-blogging-tipsBy now, every SEO in the business has heard about the hubbub about guest blogging and what Matt Cutts has been saying about it.  Yes, guest blogging, if done wrong, can be viewed as potentially spammy.  But that doesn’t make all guest blogging bad does it?  At this point, Google  has taken matter into their own hands and did something about it.

By looking at what Cutts has said, that guest blogging is dead, trying to get links from guest blogging is dead.  But does that mean we should just stop guest blogging all together?  Not necessarily.  That’s how Asif Dilshad feels about this topic.  We all can still do guest blogging, but it’s got to be for the right reasons.  Ignore the need to try getting links from all of  your guest blogging prospects.  Guest blog as a business technique.

Asif knows that for every link building technique that is used, there is a byproduct that we may not necessarily see.  Since these byproducts are better than the original benefits, Asif has included some byproducts that have encouraged him to continue guest blogging to this day in his written Moz column.

You can check out his column by following the link below.

Column: Why I Still Do Guest Blogging

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