Pog_CollectionDuring our lifetimes, we’ll all see fads come and go.  One of those fads that I remember were pogs from the 1990s.  Oddly enough, I still have a tube of them some where.  Yes, I still have my pogs from way back when.

Of course, the pogs popularity eventually went down the drain after a while.  Now, it’s just another memory.  Do you want to know what else is a fad?   QR codes.  Their popularity spiked around 2013/2014, and they pretty much fell off the face of the map, just like pogs did.

So, why did QR codes become so irrelevant to us these days?  There are at least five reasons why QR codes haven’t been a mainstay of the digital era.  Kelsey Jones has a post on Search Engine Journal that gives us these five reason why QR codes aren’t really used anymore.  To find out why, check out her post by following the link below!

Search Engine Journal: Why QR Codes Are More Outdated Than Your Pog Collection