rand_fishkinBuilding links that point to your web site are usually a good thing (unless they’re those negative links that you have to disavow, which we actually talked about the other day in a separate post), but even with all of the links that you manage to successfully build up, you may end up never seeing any real improvement in your rankings.  This is where you sit back, scratch your head, and think to yourself, “what’s going on?  Why am I not ranking any better if I’ve got all of these links to my site?”

For every question you have, you know there’s going to be an answer that you can find on the internet.  In this case, Rand from Moz has the answer!  In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Rand will show us four different things that should be taking a look at that will help us hone our link building skills.  This process will make our link building efforts much more effective.