website trafficA great way to make the most out of your traffic, you want to do a variety of landing page testing.  If people are already on your page, you want to make sure you increase your chances that those people convert.

Of course, it’d be pretty easy to get people to convert once they’ve made it to your page.  At least, that’s the idea, right?  But, it seems that isn’t the case, as six out of seven A/B tests fail to produce positive results according to VWO.

If you’re bringing people to the correct page, you’re obviously doing something right, but it isn’t the testing strategy that’s flawed, it’s the fact you’re bringing in the wrong traffic.  If the target audience is wrong, then you can’t produce the meaningful results you ‘re meaning to produce.

 has written up an article that explains to us why we need to take a close look at the traffic we bring in to our web pages and why we need to be selective on who we advertise to.

Check out Jacob’s post on Marketing Land below and see why getting the right traffic matters and how to get the right traffic coming to your landing pages.

Marketing Land: Why The Wrong Web Traffic Is Ruining Your Landing Page Test