Why Updating Your Messaging Is The Best Strategy Right Now

The COVID-19 has created shadows over all interactions, such as communications between businesses and customers. Brands will have to adapt their messaging and their offerings to turn this economic downturn into an opportunity to serve their audiences.

During Search Engine Land’s PPC for B2B session, Brad Geddes of AdAlysis and Michelle MOrgan of Clix Marketing shared some trends that they saw and why adjusting for the current situation is the most effective marketing strategy right now.

“The smart [businesses] have really looked at the ads carefully to say, ‘What message are we putting out there? What needs to change? How are we more sensitive in an industry where we want someone to do something?’” said Geddes, explaining that he’s seen much softer calls-to-action now than before the pandemic.

“Before, it was buy, buy, buy, do this now, etc. — you see a lot more softer education or engagement happening then you saw previously,” he said, using a commercial from toilet paper brand Cottonelle as an example. “It was, ‘Hey, stop hoarding toilet paper, we make enough to go around, share with your neighbor,’ and it wasn’t salesy, but because it was so timely and such a positive message, guarantee their sales are going to go up through a non-salesy ad,” he said.

Regarding the direction that some of her clients took in light of COVID-19 and its impact on customers, she said “We’ve got a couple of [clients] that are actually just offering content as their campaigns, so we don’t really have a cost-per-lead goal on it because the purpose is not really to generate leads.”

“If you can provide meaningful content to people, they’re going to be more likely to buy from you down the line because you’ve already provided value, so doing that, especially during this time of extreme need, I think has been really helpful,” she added, noting that her agency is keeping an eye on these efforts and intends to remarket to those audiences.

There are a number of brands that are either creating educational content or expanding their free offerings in order to assist customers. Although the main objective isn’t to market themselves, businesses have to keep tracking campaigns. They should retarget those audiences to get a better idea of how effective campaigns have been during the pandemic.

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