Why You Should Never “Do Keyword Research” Again

Keyword research header As crazy as this sounds, perhaps we should stop doing keyword research.  Yup, you heard that right, it’s high time we stop doing the tired old process of keyword research.  To be more specific, it’s thought that maybe we should stop doing keyword research the way we’ve been doing it in the traditional sense.  It’s probably a good idea to expand on this idea.

We all know about the typical way of doing keyword research – producing a long list of words and phrases along with their relative search traffic figures and later using that list to improve your SEO strategy and campaigns.

But the problem with this traditional list of keywords and traffic numbers is that they are a bit misleading.  By using this list, it’s easy to focus on the words instead of what matters – the audience.  By focusing on this list, writers will end up creating content that is less than optimal.

the problem with the traditional keyword research is that it’s still rooted in PPC.  With how SEO is changing, we know this isn’t always going to work.  It’s time we update they way we do “keyword research.”

In a post written by , we’ll read about four new moves to add to your SEO database that will allow us to do the keyword research that we need to focus on to move up and beyond.

Search Engine Land: Why You Should Never “Do Keyword Research” Again