Wiki-LogoIt seems that there has been word that Wikipedia has been suffering from a decline in Google search traffic.  Reports seem to show that Wikipedia has been shown a “sudden” and “massive” decline in traffic from Google’s organic search results.

According to Jimmy Wales, who is a co-founder of Wikipedia, said that this isn’t just some a drastic drop in traffic from Google, but really a “long-term issue with decreasing traffic from Google.”

In order to save face and defend themselves from the misrepresentation that Wikipedia needs the clicks from Google, Jimmy added,

“It is also false that ‘Wikipedia thrives on clicks,’ at least as compared to ad-revenue driven sites… The relationship between ‘clicks’ and the things we care about: community health and encyclopedia quality is not nothing, but it’s not as direct as some think.”

It would look like Jimmy Wales is right, as Wikipedia has been noticing a long-term and gradual decline from Google. Here is a  charts shown by SearchMetrics:


When Wikipeida was still getting the maximum amount of clicks that they were getting back in the day, They were dominating the Google search results.  So why is there a decline in the traffic from Google?

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