Will 2016 Be a “Great” Year for Business? Almost 80% Of SEOs Think So.

2015 16 Recently, BrightLocal has recently published their annual update to their Local SEO Industry Survey, which is a report that takes a close look at the local search industry, including the people who operate within it, the services that are offered by them, what they charge and the outlook for the next year.

The ultimate goal of the survey is to understand the life on the ground for those working in the local search industry better and learn about the various local search marketing services that are offered by them from one year to another.  After all the data and information is gathered, BrightLocal shares the results with the rest of the SEO community, with the intention of letting everybody benefit from their work.

With the survey now in its fourth year, 20 questions were put to almost 2,000 respondents (1,973 to be exact), which includes a mi of SEO freelancers, in-house SEOs and SEOs from local to international agencies.

, the founder & CEO of BrightLocal.com, posted an article on Search Engine Land that includes some key data points and charts that answer key industry questions from the survey.  Hopefully, this information will provide you all with some insights into the current state of the industry and how this year could be great for business.  Check out the link below for the full article!

Search Engine Land: 78% Of SEOs Believe That 2016 Is Going To Be A “Great” Year For Business