Although Google has stated several times that Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) aren’t a ranking factor, there have been many that speculated that they could soon become one.  AMP pages were made for speed, so if we take into consideration Google’s recent announcement that page speed will become a mobile ranking factor later this year (which takes place around the same time the complete rollout of the mobile-first index), it seems possible that mobile sites that utilize AMP could very well see a boost in rankings and traffic.

Even then, the thought of trying to convince clients to implement AMP is something fraught with concern about wasting time and resources.  There are a number of SEOs that make the point about making lightening-fast mobile pages to begin with instead of even implement AMP in the first place.

When it comes down to it though, mobile pages built with AM are likely to outperform existing mobile pages in terms of speed.  But if there are people who are skeptical about the benefits of implementing AMP, think about running a small-scale test.   has, in a post on Search Engine Land, outlined a test setup for selecting, tracking and reporting on a series of AMP “test pages.”  With the information obtained from this test, you can now make a calculated decision about whether the cost of sitewide AMP rollout that will yield a substantial ROI for your business.

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