Will Google No Longer Announce Major Algorithm Updates?

Google hummingbird algorithm update Maybe it’s the end of an era.  Maybe it’s coincidence.  Or maybe it’s just silly speculation.

It seems that perhaps Google is announcing less and less algorithm updates announcements over the last few years.  Have you noticed it yourself?  If so, perhaps it’s not you going mad.   has done some research into the matter and discovered that we aren’t really going crazy after all  Nate has gone through Moz’s Google Algorithm Change History and graphed the number of changes by year.

Take a look:

Screen shot 2015 03 26 at 9 46 30 am

Ever since 2012, there has been a huge drop in update announcement.  Keep in mind that the single announcement in 2015 is only at its current level, as we are still only 3 months into the year.  Who knows how many updates announcements there’ll be over the course of the rest of the year.

But in general, why has there been such a significant drop in these announcements?

 does what he can to answer this question by posting an article he wrote on the matter on Search Engine Land.  Check it out by following the link provided below.

Search Engine Land: They Fooled Us: Why Google May No Longer Announce Major Algorithm Updates