google-logo-feature-1030x686Last week, Google said that they were going to do what they could to fight “fake news” in its search results.  But yet, the company still hasn’t offered up any solutions to the problem.  The reason for this is that there, realistically, isn’t any real easy fix to a problem like this.

Google came under fire after it listed a site with incorrect “final” US presidential election counts as the top listing for searches, like “final votes” or “final elections cont.”  Below is an example of this, which was spotted by Kara Eccelston, on November 13:


So what can possibly be done by Google to deal with such a massive problem like this?   has written up a post for Marketing Land where he discusses how being able to stop fake news from making it’s way onto the search results is going to quite difficult.  To check out Danny’s full article, follow the link below!

Marketing Land: Why Google might not be able to stop “fake news”