mobile300Some of you may recall hearing from TechCrunch that a “stealth” startup called Relcy has been seeking to create a “native” search engine for the mobile platforms.  So far, the post has mentioned that the company has raised $9 million in funding at this point.  That’s not really much to laugh for a startup.

Rohit Satapathy, founder of Relcy, said in an interview that the company is developing a “PageRank” style approach to mobile search, but the only difference is that this search engine will be fully indexing in-app content.  The plan with this mobile search engine is that it will provide additional relevant results from a knowledge-graph style index of entities.  According to Satapathy, Relcy will offer a mobile search experience “that is a significant upgrade to anything on the market today.”

Did you hear that Google and Bing?  It sounds like Relcy is offering up a challenge.

Relcy seems to have a bit in common with Google.  When Google entered the search engine fray, it was a fairly late entry.  Google’s late entrance on PC is just like Relcy’s attempt at the mobile experience.  Will Relcy have the same success?

Keep in mind, there is no way to test drive the search service yet, as it isn’t live yet.  Anything that we may hear about can’t be construed as true, at least not until some hands-on experience can prove anything.

Will Relcy see any success when it comes out?  Will it be able to compete with the likes of Google or Bing, except that it will be on mobile?  Just look a Quixey.  They’ve tried the same thing with the “native” mobile search experience that indexes app content.  But how many people have heard of Quixey?  Not a whole lot.

Will Relcy be able to do what Quixey couldn’t?  We’ll have to see.

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