Will There Be A Link Apocalypse?

Ashlite4 Link building has always been an important factor in online marketing.  How else are you going to get people to come to your site unless you get your links out there?  But, things may be changing.  With the coming of the Hummingbird, there may be changes to come.  But what will these changes be?  What will they look like?

 brings up the question “Will links be less important in 2014?”  In one sense, it doesn’t seem too much of a big deal, but if you really dive into the idea, it could really be a major game changer.  Will link building eventually just disappear?  Following this train of thought, Nate brings up the thought of if we should stop link building or continue with what we’re doing.  Or should we just deal with social instead?

What should we do?  How should we prepare when we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future?  That’s what’s so scary.  We have no idea what to do if we can’t see the finish line and what is there.

Check out Nate’s column on Search Engine Land entitle, Preparing For The Link Apocalypse That May Or May Not Be Coming.

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