Google+ logoOver the last several years, Google+ really has had a rough ride, haven’t they?  So much hate, so many times that people have called Google+ dead.  I’m sure that if Google+ was run by any company smaller than Google itself, the social network would have been sent to the grave by now for sure.  But it’s amazing that Google+ has lasted for four years so far.

Now, there has finally been Google confirmation that with the stripping away of major features, they were preparing for reinventing Google+ as more focused product that possibly could have an appeal that could actually bring in new users.

 has a column on Marketing Land that discusses the early vision for the social network, what has come about from those changes, and the new direction that Google+ is taking.  What will this mean for marketers?

In his column, Mark will:

  • Review the original grand experiment behind Google+
  • Examine the clues over the past year that something different was coming
  • Cover the first hints at what that new direction might be
  • Conclude with what the implications will be for the future success of Google+ and what that means for marketers.

Check out Mark’s column by following the link below.

Marketing Land: The New Google Plus: Will Tighter Focus Lead To Success?