Written by Scott Orth

We posted many warnings and updates as news has emerged about Google’s upcoming algorithm update; but now it is upon us. Have you protected yourself?

On April 21st Google will be updating its index, having a dramatic affect on mobile search. Google has always said that you should build the most user-friendly website.  That if you build it with the user in mind, you will also do well in organic search.

Of course there are a lot of little “hidden” details in there, but many of the aspects truly are user-friendly elements which also happen to improve your ability to rank organically:

  • Have clean, easy to follow navigation
  • Have well organized content architecture (ties to clean navigation)
  • Use keyword-focused page name URLs (from a user perspective this makes it very easy to see where you are on a site)
  • Use proper titles and header tags to segment content and theme pages or content sections
  • Make sure your pages load quickly
  • Erroneous code, broken links, and other technical issues can negatively affect your visitors – and therefore they do likewise with your ability to rank organically.

Now Google is taking it to the next step for mobile.  Even with all of the above in place, from a mobile device your website may still not be user-friendly.  If your website is not mobile-friendly I’m afraid you and Google are going to have a bumpy relationship later this month.

But it only affects mobile search, so who cares right? 

If this is your stance, I invite you to check out the mobile traffic analytics for your website.  If you follow the rest of the US trend, you should see that a minimum of 30% of your total traffic comes from mobile devices.  If it hasn’t already, that number will exceed 50% for an average website throughout 2015 as more and more people use their phones and tablets to access the web.

SO no big deal, you’ll just lose 30% – 50% of your total traffic. <Sarcasm>

How do I Survive this Mobile Apocalypse?

If you’re wondering where you stand with your website in this new mobile trend, check it out using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

According to Google there are top 3 things you should keep in mind for your mobile-friendly site (and wouldn’t you know, they’re all about being user-friendly).

Finally, here are a list of tools from Google, giving you pretty much everything you need to figure out where you stand, and what steps you might need to take to ensure your website is ready for Google’s updates on April 21st.

Scott Orth is the Owner of Thrive Business Marketing and an independent contract Consultant focused on the stability and growth of businesses through online marketing efforts.  His expertise in online customer acquisition and customer experience strategies has directly created over $100 Million in revenue for his clients in the past 5 years.