How to Win Big in International SEO: Assume Nothing

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International-seoWhen you’re doing SEO, working on websites that are in your native language (let’s say for the sake of this post, our default website language is English….duh), being able to optimize that site can be fairly simple.  But it’s when you bust into the international scene of SEO that can really start to throw you off.  Take keywords as an example.  Finding keywords in English isn’t all that hard.  But trying to do keyword research for another language?  Not so easy.  This is due to the face that Google’s algorithm isn’t as defined for other languages.  This can make things much harder.

Most people would probably assume that, regardless of language, doing international SEO would be fairly easy.  Going back to keywords for a moment, you’d think all you had to do was use Google Translate to get the words you wanted, but that’s not really going to work.  The words you come up with may end up being words that that native speaker wouldn’t normally use.  This could account for low visits from those native speakers.

Assumption is something you want to try to avoid.  You know what they say about assumption right?  It makes an ass out of you and me.  Assumption can make things worse for yourself when you think international SEO is easy, just as it is with English.  Eli Schwartz has written an article on Moz.com that explains why assumption in this industry isn’t a smart thing to get yourself into, and how to be able to avoid all that and ultimately win at international SEO.

In Eli’s article, you’ll learn that you don’t want to make assumptions when in this line of work, and you’ll realize that having broad assumptions will actually kill your campaign.

To learn more, follow the link below to learn about the dangers of assumption in international SEO.

YouMoz: How to Win Big in International SEO: Assume Nothing

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