Matt-CuttsYou know the adage, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”  Well, this seems to be the case with SEO and content marketing.  We all know that there is a constant stream of news about how Google and Bing are constantly adding new features, algorithms and tid-bits to their respective search engines.  They are constantly trying to change things to make your search provide better results and become an even more useful tool than they were before.  And this is why no matter how much Google and Bing changes and manipulates their search engines, the result will always be the same….a better place to search than there was the same.

When you look at your calendar, it’s crazy to think that we are already this close to the end of 2014.  It’s November, after all, so we are looking at a little less than two months before the year is all done and we will be moving on to 2015.  At this point, every marketing department has been planning on how to make a splash next year.  If you’re keeping up, how is your SEO strategy looking?

Because of the constant updating to the search engines, you will have to take a look at your SEO strategy (which by now, several of your tricks could be outdated by now) and prep yourself, for a new year will soon be upon you.  The point is to be sure that you aare prepared and to be sure that you have adopted the right strategies for the year ahead.  Google is saying that the user is in charge, meaning it’s all up to the SEOs and marketers to make sure everything works out for their online businesses.  This means content is one of the big keys of 2015.

In a post written for Search Engine Land,  will explain how to get the most bang from your SEO buck in 2015, so you can check it out by following the link provided below!

Search Engine Land: How To Win At SEO & Content Marketing In 2015