Wisita, which is a video marketing solution that allows brands to build their own video hubs, rolled out free version of its Channels product. It even added some new features, such as a Subscriber tool that lets brands capture emails and the ability to create Facebook Custom Audience lists from viewer data.

SMBs who don’t have a lot of resources can create a free Wistia Channel, which will let them post videos on their sites without having to use something like YouTube in order to distribute or share video content. With Wistia Channels, brands can produce and showcase a collection of videos similar to a stream service, with customizable features and ownership of all the viewer data. When using the free version, businesses can access one Wistia Channel that will let them share via a public link.

The free plan includes access to a A/B testing feature to compare the performance of two videos at the same time.

Users will also have access to a “Subscribe for updates” button that can be added to their Channel interface. The Subscriber form can be customized to ask for first and last name and email or just email.

After you begin collecting viewer email addresses, email notifications can be scheduled to send when a new video is added to your channel.

The “Subscribe” button is available on all three of Wistia’s plans to users who have a minimum of 250 Channel subscribers. The automatic email notifications are only available to the Pro and Advanced plan users.

Facebook Custom Audience integration allows users to automatically create Custom Audience targeting lists in Facebook Ads Manager. You can find this feature on Wistia’s Advanced Plan. Custom Audience lists can be created with user data from individual videos or Channels.

SourceAmy Gesenhues