Microsoft has launched a new product called Bing Pages with the aim at allowing businesses and individuals to manage their branding on Bing and Outlook. This was was first reported by MSPoweruser, which is currently in beta.

An example of a Bing Page. Source: Bing.

Bing Pages will appear in Bing search results, which is similar to a knowledge panel and give brands another way to manage their online presence. It can be used to aggregate social media links, publish contact details, and even customize Outlook profiles with images and content.

“[Bing Page owners] can also promote social media posts in relevant search results–at no cost,” the FAQ reads.

The sign up process for Bing Pages is fairly simple.

Microsoft uses an email address and Twitter to authenticate accounts. Submitted applications are reviewed by Microsoft.

Once verified, the applicant’s social media accounts and official website are used to populate their Bing Page (as shown in the screenshot above).

The signup page is open to all.

SourceGeorge Nguyen