With Google’s New AdSense Reports Page, It’s Easier To Toggle And Visualize Data

On August 26, Google announced that it has launched a new AdSense reporting page, which will be rolling out within the next two weeks.

Google has removed all AdMob and YouTube reporting data with the exception of billing and payments data. The company has also restricted data over the last three years for all AdSense products. Google said that this is to make reports more accurate.

What’s new

  • Simpler to use: Google has designed the interface in order to make selecting things like date ranges, filters and breakdowns (and more) easier. Metric families have been removed, and new a metrics picker has been added.
  • Easier to visualize: The charts have been improved, and has been integrated with the table. Control has been added to each data series that allows you to easily display it on the chart.
  • Better experience on mobile: The reporting page has been mobile-optimized. The improvements will appear on both mobile and desktop devices.
  • More supportive: With the addition of more in-product help, users can hover over the information icons in order to get explanations of metrics.

Later this ear, Google will be reporting the old reporting page, but in the meantime, you can switch between the new and old reports at any time. Just click the toggle at the top of the page.

Source – Google and Search Engine Land