Wix Start StunningWebsite developing platform Wix who was, back in December, one of the first brands that announced that they would be returning for a second appearance as a Super Bowl advertiser this year.  The company finally dropped their first teaser ad for the #StartStunning campaign for Super Bowl 50.

The teaser ad was developed by DreamWorks Animation, who was responsible for creating the “Kung Fu Panda” films, and features a 30-second spot containing characters from the franchise.

In a release announcing the details of the campaigns creative direction, Wix CMO Omer Shai said that “Collaborating with a creative leader like DreamWorks Animation enabled us to develop a fun and effective campaign that will give us an edge come Super Bowl Sunday.”

Wix has said that the #StartStunning campaign is going to include made-for-web content and social media activations.  Not only that, there is a site dedicated to the campaign, and users can find it at www.StartStunning.com.

Wix will drop three more campaign teaser ads between now and January 27.  February 4 will be when the official Super Bowl 50 ad is released, which is only three days before the Super Bowl.

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