Word Association: Here’s A Script For Analyzing The Phrases That Associate With Your Terms

When it comes to the following script, the idea came to  from an account his employer was running for a financial client.  His employer wanted to know what was the most popular queries were for a particular competitor.  After some analysis, they discovered what “complaints” was the most common associated word.  That info was quite useful, in terms of altering ad copy and adapting their keyword coverage.

Normally, you’d have to spend hours and hours working through the massive amount of data that an account will accrue.  But with the script that was came out of Daniel’s employer, the data will automatically be analyzed to produce a report of all the phrases that are associated with your chosen terms.

Below, we’ll include the script, for you to grab, but if you’re interested in ow to use it, you’ll need to click over here to find out how to implement it into your AdWords account!


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