wordpress-logoI’ve been using WordPress for quite a number of years now.  Originally, I used it as a standalone blogging tool for a number of personal blogs, and then, as the behind-the-scenes and easy to use tool for website page creation.  The very post you’re reading was created using WordPress.  A number of other websites that you visit uses WordPress, and you probably don’t even realize it.  So it’s not shocker that WordPress is pretty successful as a webmaster tool.

Since WordPress is open source, there are more than enough plugins for users to get their mitts on and integrate into their WordPress blogs and websites.  Many of these plugins can be used to help make your website more search engine friendly and web marketing ready.  Stoney G deGeyter has a post on Search Engine Journal who discusses a lot of native WordPress and and plugin settings that you should be using on your WordPress site.

The three major points that Stoney covers in his guide includes:

  • How to Optimize Your WordPress Site for Search
  • How to Optimize Your WordPress Site for Visitors
  • General Housekeeping issues

Stoney makes a point that his post is merely a starter guide, and isn’t meant to be comprehensive  for what you can truly do with WordPress or the mentioned plugins.

Go check out Stoney’s post by following the link below.

Search Engine Journal: WordPress 101: How to Make Your Site Search Engine & Marketing Ready