WordPress 4.3 Brings Improved Password Security, Easier Text Formatting

Wordpress logo If you run a blog or website that utilizes WordPress, then you may have noticed that a new update was released recently.  This week WordPress 4.3 was released, providing safer password management, new text formatting shortcuts, as well as the ability to change site menus in the Customizer.  These were only some of the features, as there are others as well.

When it comes to the passwords, WordPress 4.3 takes a new approach.  When a new user is added, or when an existing user profile is edited, a strong password for that user is automatically generated.  From this point, the user is given the choice to keep the recommended strong password, or make one of their own choosing.  Also, the WordPress software doesn’t send passwords through email.  Instead, users will be receive a password reset link through email, and that link will only be functional for 24 hours.

As far as writing in the visual editor goes, there is now support for a number of new formatting shortcuts in WordPress that eliminates the need to use a mouse to change text styles:

  • Use * or – to start an unordered list.
  • Use 1. or 1) to start an ordered list.
  • Use ## for H2 and ### for H3 (etc., through H6).
  • Use > to transform text into blockquote.

As for the Customizer, users can create and preview menu changes before the update, as well as preview menu changes before showing to site visitors.

For more details, you can check out the detailed WordPress Codex.  The following is a video that explains and demonstrates some of the updates that we spoke of in this post.

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