WordPress Releases Plugin To Support Facebook Instant Articles

Wordpress logo Due to Facebook’s eventual launch of Instant Articles to all publishers on April 12, WordPress is preparing for the inevitable wave of interest in the new publishing platform.  WordPress is launching their own plugin that will turn WordPress content into Instant Articles.  Both the WordPress VIP team and Facebook’s media relations team announced the new plugin launch.  The tool will be supported on all instances of self-hosted WordPress platforms, as well as the VIP product.

The plugin is currently available on Github and is open source, which means that developers are able to submit reports directly to the Github community.  What the plugin will do is take a blog or media site’s content and parse it, allowing it to be compliant with Facebook’s Instant Article required formatting.  This gives it the appropriate markup that will ensure the best experience for the user.

The plugin will soon be featured in the official WordPress plugins directory.

How will Facebook’s Instant Articles play a roll?  How this new feature will send traffic and revenue to the publisher?  Could the plugin make publishers want to embrace the Instant Article experience?  The answers to these questions will be answered within the next month when Instant Articles finally come out.  Even then, we’ll have to wait and see how everything plays out to see how things happen.

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