The World of Link Opportunities Beyond Bloggers

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LinksWe recently having been thrown into the typhoon of news and Matt Cutts quotes and videos saying that blogging is dead.  It seems that most of the links opportunities seemed to come from blogs, and now that blogs are considered to be almost a thing of the past in the context of link opportunities, what other things can you do to obtain links?

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t ever get links from a blog, but the chance of getting them now are just lowered.  It depends on the blog itself.  We’ve heard Matt Cutts talk about it.  We’ve seen posts talk about it.  Blogs can still work, as long as your focus isn’t just to get links from it.  Basically, this means you can place a link or two in a post, but make sure that your post is a quality post.  Don’t focus on the links.  Focus on the content.

When it comes to link opportunities, there are still other options.  You’ve got things like resource pages, forums, directories, professional organizations and more.  But unfortunately, there are issues with these types of opportunities as well.  Google could look at any of these and potentially consider them unnatural.  If you can do it right, you may still have a chance at some legit link possibilities.

We will get to know some of these opportunities through a post written by James Agate.  Found on Moz, we will look through seven link opportunities that can be found in almost every market.

  • Resource pages
  • Forums
  • Directories
  • Professional organizations
  • Events
  • Submission-based
  • Press

In James’ article, we will find that there’s not going to be a surefire way to getting these types of opportunities, but it’s really all about knowing the client and their market.

To find out about the possibilities in finding link opportunities, check out James’ post on Moz.com by following the link below.

Moz Blog: The World of Link Opportunities Beyond Bloggers

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