WWDC: Safari will block third-party ad trackers from following users around the web

Out of the announcements that came out of Apple’s WWDC developer conference is news that Safari is going to prevent cross-site tracking.

Craig Fedrighi, Apple’s Senior VP, said “intelligent tracking prevention” uses machine learning to keep trackers, specifically ad trackers and third-party data trackers, from following users as they go from site to site.

This sort of data s used routinely for retargeting, interest and other behavioral ad targeting.

Ads themselves aren’t going to be blocked, just the user’s previous browsing data.  According to Federighi, the move is “not about blocking ads — the web behaves as it always did, but your privacy is protected.”

Fereighi even said that Safari is going to implement auto-play blocking to keep music and video from automatically playing when a page loads on websites.

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