Yahoo Adds Native Inventory To BrightRoll Exchange

Yahoo On January 20, Yahoo announced that advertisers can access native inventory from app publishers on the BrightRoll Exchange.

Although they will have access to the BrightRoll Exchange inventory, advertisers will still be able to purchase native ad inventory on Yahoo owned and operated sites via Yahoo Gemini and Gemini ad tech partners.

The benefit that the BrightRoll Exchange brings  is additional sources for native inventory on apps that are using Yahoo App Publishing for ad monetization.  Weatherbug, Pinger and Cheetah Mobile are some of the businesses utilizing Yahoo App Publishing.

“The prevalence of native ads has skyrocketed, and advertisers and publishers alike are taking notice of its increasing potential,” said Tod Sacerdoti, Vice President, Display and Video Ads at Yahoo. “This new offering through the BrightRoll Exchange combines the power of data and technology to give advertisers even more flexibility to buy native the way they want.”

According to Yahoo, there are over100 DPS that are integrated with BrightRoll Exchange.  Buyers are able to bid on native ads on the exchange through a new IAB OpenTRP-compatible API.

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