Yahoo Aviate Adds New Smart Stream But Still Needs Breakout Features

Yahoo There is a brand new feature upgrade to grace Yahoo’s Android launcher and smart assistant Aviate, and it is called “Smart Stream.”  The purpose of this new upgrade is to be a personally relevant and context-aware content feeder that gives you personalized content throughout the day.

Now Aviate assembles relevant information front and center so you can take action right away. The Smart Stream adjusts the content it surfaces throughout your day, based on where you are and what you’re doing, allowing us to guide you to the information you want. And, the Smart Stream becomes smarter and more personalized as you use it.

With Aviate, it had some potential to drive engagement and search queries for Yahoo, but some felt that it wasn’t different enough when you compare it to Google Now.  Although you could argue that Aviate is good because it’s very close to Google Now, but this also makes it a double edge sword.  Although it can be good because it’s like Google Now, it just isn’t different enough.  Sure, Aviate has features that Google Now doesn’t have, such as the ability to launch music apps when users plug in headphones, but most of the time, people using Aviate won’t even realize you can do this.

What makes it tougher for Aviate to be used more is the fact that Google Now is set up to be the default on Android devices.  Because of this, there has to be some good reasons to convince users to install and use Aviate.  This means that Aviate will need to have something that makes people want to move away from Google Now and use their app.  But for right now, that’s not the case.

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