Yahoo Builds Out Local Search Marketing Reseller Program, Just Like Google

Yahoo logo purple 800 When it comes to a search marketing, not only has Yahoo broadened Gemini into a larger search marketing platform, it’s also expanded the ways it’s being sold.  The search company is expanding and adding the number of resellers to their Preferred Partner Program.  The newest partner to be added to Yahoo’s Partner list is the small business marketing platform, RearchLocal.  Other Preferred Partners that are currently on the list includes Kenshoo, Acquisio and others.

There is an extensive reseller program for AdWords that Google has been operation for years, which goes by the name, Preferred SMB Partners.  This program is intended to reach more further into the small business market.  The Google program is meant to bring AdWords to SMBs that normally wouldn’t do self-service, or would probably not do very well when it comes to campaign self-management.

Without the help of these programs, SMBs, according to Google, would see higher churn than if partners or agencies managed those AdWords accounts on behalf of local business owners.  Yahoo saw how Google is doing things on the SMB front, and has decided to follow suit by building out a similar network of partners to sell and support Gemini for local businesses.

Because Yahoo’s search marketing inventory is much more separated from Bing than they once were, this will allow companies like ReachLocal to represent Gemini as a mostly distinct inventory and traffic on the PC and mobile to small business customers.

Currently, based on an email interview Search Engine Land had with ReachLocal, the platform isn’t yet selling native advertising on Yahoo as part of the arrangement.  But for now, they’ll add both PC and mobile traffic from Yahoo search to its existing paid-search advertising network.

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