yahoo-logo-purple-800With great fanfare, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was hired in July 2012.  At the time, there was a great number of people who thought that Mayer face a “daunting challenge” in trying to get Yahoo on the right path.

Of course, since she became CEO, Mayer has faced both successes and failures, and we couldn’t expect more from any other CEO of a company of this size and situation.  Then, and even now, there are structural barriers that prevented Yahoo from regaining the leadership position it helped in display advertising (thanks to Facebook and Google).  Even so, the company is still a top brand and is in third place  for US consumer property (by traffic) online.

After being placed under pressure, Yahoo had to put itself up for sale, and the winning been was apparently submitted on April 18th.  Currently, we don’t know who the buy will be, or how the company will function under the new ownership, or who will be running the company.

There’s a good chance that a new owner will seek a management change when the buyout is complete.  This could possibly include the departure of Mayer as CEO.  But, don’t feel too bad for Mayer if this happens.  According to a CNBC report, Mayer would make almost $55 million in severance payments and benefits.  Here’s what CNBC said:

Mayer’s potential payout includes cash severance of $3 million, $26,324 to continue her health benefits, $15,000 for outplacement, and — if that’s enough — nearly $52 million worth of accelerated restricted stock and options.

There are going to be a number of folks, including myself, that will be surprised by this number.  It seems that Mayer will be set for life, regardless of what happens to her after the Yahoo buyout.

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