flickr-logoLast week, Yahoo announced that they have integrated Flickr photos with Yahoo Search.  This is so, when you are logged into Yahoo, while also having Flickr photos in your account, you will get personalized image search results with your photos and photos from your friends.

Yahoo said,

“If you’re signed in, your search will display personalized results from Flickr, including a selection of your own photos, images from people you follow and top public photos on Flickr.”

The only time your Flickr photos will be pulled into your search is if they are relevant to what you are searching for on Yahoo.

There was a search that  did to see the difference between being signed in and not being signed in.  With the signed-in version, there are pictures of Danny Sullivan that Barry took personally and had uploaded to Flickr, as well as images from Barry’s friends in Flickr of Danny Sullivan.

Here’s Barry’s screen when he was signed in:


Here’s what his search results looked like when he wasn’t signed in:


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