firefox-yahoocomScore has released the February US search market share numbers and it looks like some of the gains that Yahoo made since November since their default search deal with Firefox has been lost.  This is because some of the users that went over to Firefox has since decided to return to Google.  In all honestly, I’m not shocked by this news at all.

For the last several months, Google has been lobbying Firefox users to switch back, and their attempts have become increasingly more aggressive recently in trying to get some of those users back.  Google’s efforts haven’t been all in vain, as they’ve been fairly successful, but Firefox users haven’t come flooding back to Google en masse yet.

comScore Explicit Core Search Share Report

In comScore’s report, Yahoo lost about 10 percent of their search query volume between the months of January and February, while both Bing and Google gained a tenth of a point.  As you can see, the two latter search engines effectively took the some of the gain that Yahoo had initially gained.  StatCounter also showed a similar, directional loss of share by Yahoo from January to February.

statcaounter Yahoo January to February

Source: StatCounter 3/15



Yahoo had gained 1.2 points between December to January, and Google lost out on those points because of Yahoo’s gain.  Even though It doesn’t seem like much of a take back, Google did manage to gain 0.2 percent back from Yahoo.  Will Google be able to take back more?  We’ll have to see.

Keep in mind that the numbers shown above are desktop only, and don’t include mobile search, where Google has more dominance than compared to PC.

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