YahooAs with any search engine, Yahoo would love to get themselves some more users to increase its search share and user base.  It was reported last week that, in its latest move, Yahoo signed into being a new partnership with Oracle that ties Yahoo to new Java software installations.

The news of this deal was announced at the company’s annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday by Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer.  This deal is going to last three years, according to a Yahoo spokesperson, although the company has declined to share any of the financial terms of the partnership.

This deal will affect desktop users, as when the decide to download and install Oracle’s Java software, they will be prompted to make Yahoo their default home page and search engine.  Because the check box for the invite will be turned on by default,  it’s very possible that people won’t even notice the fact that they’re agreeing to let Yahoo be both homepage and search engine, unless you’re paying attention,

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