yahoo-logo-purple-800On January 28, Yahoo announced that they were rolling out a new home page today in the US, as well as a refresh to their app.  Yahoo says that the updates will offer a more consistent experience, which will make content easier to find and consume.

“You no longer need to open individual articles in multiple browser tabs,” says Yahoo of its now nearly infinite news stream. “Instead, you can simply scroll through related stories inline.”

IF you look at the new Yahoo home page, you’ll see that it includes editor-selected stories at the top of the page, with content that is most relevant to users along side the top stories.  The more a users views content through Yahoo, the more the content becomes unique to that specific user.


Another feature that is available to users are the breaking new stories that can be followed in real time on Yahoo.  Users will be given the option to get instant notifications when a story is updated.

Yahoo has added comments directly inline with news stories in an effort to make users even more engaged with their content.

According to Yahoo, the site is basing is content on the latest mobile trends.  They noted the fact that a Flurry Trend Report showed news and magazine a usage grew 141 percent last year.

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