Yahoo Search App For iPhone Gets A Bit More “Now” With Personalized Content

Late last week, an updated search app for the iPhone was introduced by Yahoo.  The new app offers users a range of new capabilities and utility.

According to Greg Sterling, the day of casual use he had with the app allowed him to check out what it was like, and felt it was able to perform like the Google app, in terms of both how it looks and how it feels.

When you first do the setup procedure for the Yahoo app, it asks for access to your contacts, calendar, as well as your location.  Just like many apps before it, this is so it can deliver a deeper and more personalized experience.  Although you don’t have to, it asks if you’d like to sign in to your Yahoo account for the full experience.

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Not only does the app give you access to web search results, but the on-device content gives users the ability to retrieve the following search results:

  • Package delivery notifications
  • Friends’ contact information
  • Hotel and rental car reservation details
  • Upcoming calendar events

One of the things that the Yahoo app promises is the ability to “take action directly from the search results page,” such as making reservations or bookings.  Users will be able to make use of this feature thanks to partnerships to the likes of Yelp and OpenTable.

Right now, the updated app is only available for iPhone.

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