Before Facebook, before GoDaddy, before Google My Business, Yahoo Small Business was the top webhosting, e-commerce and marketing platform for small businesses.  It was neglected for years as a kind of cash cow without much investment.  It was even going to be spun out as Aabaco Small Business.

But, Verizon agreed to acquire most of Yahoo in 2016 and the deal closed last year.  Yahoo Small Business wasn’t sold off and is now part of Verizon, giving it new life and potential new distribution and competitive advantages.

Currently Yahoo Small Business offers:

  • Webhosting
  • Domains
  • E-commerce
  • Listings management (via Yext)
  • Email

In an interview with Verizon-Yahoo’s Dan Breeden, the parent company is investing again in Yahoo Small Business.  He said that they’re doubling the size of the team.

In terms of the health of the brand, Breedan said that while in some geographic pockets Yahoo has faded as a technology brand, it does very well “off the coasts,” especially with small business owners.

When asked about the product roadmap and whether the company is going to expand its marketing tools and other services, Breeden wasn’t able to give an answer, although he did indicate that the company is definitely expanding its offering and is evaluating many things right now.

When it comes to milestones, Yahoo Small Business has processed 300 million orders through the platform at a value of more than $80 billion in gross sales. This is during the 20+ years of its existence.

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